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Case Studies

Building a Network of Safety Advocates

Our team harnessed its expertise in integrated communications, youth and family marketing, influencer relations, media relations, online editorial outreach, and grassroots marketing to swiftly and efficiently elevate the Neighborhood Safety Network and drive recruitment.

Launching a New Product: the "Smart Car"
smart USA, the exclusive distributor of Daimler’s smart fortwo two-seater microcar in the United States and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Penske Automotive Group, needed a key partner for corporate and product communications strategy. Stratacomm was selected to help smart USA introduce, launch and sustain sales of a new vehicle concept in America – the country’s smallest gas-powered vehicle.
A Sweeter Alternative: Ending the Import Tariff on Sugarcane Ethanol
A cost-prohibitive tariff blocked Brazil from sharing sugarcane ethanol in the United States for more than 30 years. With the import tax on ethanol slated to expire again after being extended consistently since 1980, the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association enlisted Stratacomm to lead an aggressive advocacy program that would educate Americans about the many benefits of this unfamiliar renewable fuel and persuade lawmakers to end the unfair tariff. The two-year Sweeter Alternative campaign built significant grassroots support, generated widespread positive media coverage, and helped influence a bipartisan 73-27 vote in the U.S. Senate that sealed the tariff’s fate. The trade barrier expired on December 31, 2011.
Digitizing U.S. DOE's Solar Decathlon
The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is a biennial competition that challenges collegiate teams to design, build and operate solar-powered houses that are affordable, energy efficient and attractive. DOE engaged Stratacomm to tell the story of the innovative student teams and help educate Americans about cost-effective ways homeowners can use clean energy for both Solar Decathlon 2009 and 2011. Building on success from the 2009 event, our team developed and executed a robust plan resulting in a strategic blend of media outreach, digital and social media tactics that produced widespread media coverage, +300% growth in the competition’s social media following, increased website traffic and over 350,000 house tours during the ten-day competition.
Leading One Event. Including Four F-16s. Inviting Scores of VIPs. Generating Tons of Media Coverage
In addition to communicating to the public what to expect over the duration of the project, Stratacomm was charged with marking the completion of each bridge span with pomp and circumstance..and did we mention the F-16s? Since the construction schedule dictated that work on the second span could not begin until the first span was completed, Stratacomm coordinated two separate dedication ceremonies, two years apart.
Introducing Clean Diesel to Opinion Leaders
It was a time when diesel was under attack, leaving the future of the industry in doubt. California had listed diesel exhaust as a toxic air contaminant. The tone of media coverage was extremely negative. Policy leaders did not recognize diesel’s economic importance. That's when the Diesel Technology Forum tapped Stratacomm to help tell the other side of the story.
Securing Tax Credits for Clean Air Solutions
To demonstrate the air quality benefits of upgrading old stoves with new, more efficient wood and pellet stoves, Stratacomm helped the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association produce a live-burn demonstration outside EPA headquarters in Washington. The event became a high-profile platform to unveil a new website, video and report on a successful woodstove changeout program in Libby, Montana resulting in coverage on ABC’s Good Morning America and helping secure a tax credit for efficient stoves in the 2009 stimulus bill.
Motivating Motorists to Change Their Routes
Stratacomm developed and implemented a multifaceted and resonant campaign to urge drivers to stay away from the Wilson Bridge corridor. Branded “Mission Possible-Keeping You Moving,” the campaign featured prominent news story placements, creative ads on targeted traditional and online media and stakeholder outreach to trucking associations, motor coach operators and other long-distance travelers.
Communicating Clear, Concise and Compelling Healthcare Messages
Stratacomm worked with Altarum to define a message platform that was clear and concise. Then, Stratacomm arranged a roundtable discussion to introduce the new Altarum to key audiences, and position the organization and its subject matter experts as future spokespeople.
Helping the University of Michigan Compete for Business Students
Through strategic media relations outreach, Stratacomm has positioned U-M EE and its faculty as thought leaders in the areas of talent management, human resources, positive leadership, innovation and business acumen.
Increasing Association Membership and Brand Awareness
The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan tapped Stratacomm for a three-year engagement to raise brand awareness and increase membership. Our charge included creating a key message platform, solidifying the Association’s brand, reaching members through digital strategies and conducting grassroots outreach.
Showcasing Lifesaving Military Equipment on Capitol Hill
Stratacomm helped Navistar organize a high-profile, hands-on vehicle display on Capitol Hill. The MaxxPro was positioned in front of the U.S. Capitol. Stratacomm invited members of Congress, military leaders, media and American citizens to climb around, kick the tires and see for themselves the vehicle’s benefits.
Gaining News Where News Was Due
BMW Motorad turned to Stratacomm for help in gaining widespread media coverage on the announcement of the manufacturer's installation of anti-lock brakes (ABS) as standard equipment on all motorcycle models.
Promoting Public Transportation
Stratacomm has provided strategic media relations counsel and program management to support three EXPOs for APTA thus far. Services have included message development, media strategy and outreach, materials creation, and managing the online and onsite press rooms.
Going on Offense During a Crisis
When the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted a new, experimental crash test that pitted the smart fortwo microcar against a Mercedes C-Class, smart USA engaged Stratacomm to provide crisis counseling support to assure that smart had an equal voice in media coverage.
Communicating During Crisis at Gallaudet University
Gallaudet University, the world leader in undergraduate education for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, turned to Stratacomm in wake of large-scale student protests that shut down the school.
Spotlighting DARPA's Urban Challenge
Working with several hundred event organizers and on-site staff, Stratacomm developed and supported an ongoing public relations campaign throughout the life of the DARPA Urban Challenge competition.
Preparing to Communicate if Terrorists Strike
We created a highly-detailed, plausible and realistic scenario for the test group that involved an “attack” on the transportation system. Every few minutes, we added a new wrinkle in the unfolding set of events, just as would occur from the first phone call through the aftermath of the crisis.
Unleashing Social Media to Stoke Brand Loyalty
smart USA wanted to build stronger brand loyalty by connecting smart with enthusiasts through an official smart-branded social network.
Targeting Capitol Hill to Promote Action on Jobs
Stratacomm worked with AEM and AED to launch Start Us Up USA!, a comprehensive communications campaign with a striking visual element: an idle equipment caravan that moved across the country.
Rallying Support To Help The Construction Equipment Industry
Stratacomm helped maintain the campaign’s momentum by holding a press conference on the National Mall accompanied by a caravan of construction equipment through the streets of Washington to send a direct message to lawmakers.
Connecting Hearts and Minds to Educate Detroit’s Youth
In just seven days, Stratacomm helped Houghton Mifflin Harcourt plan an emotional, grassroots rally to kick off an unprecedented, multi-year partnership designed help reshape curriculum in one of the most under-performing urban school districts in the nation – Detroit Public Schools.
Building a Network of Safety Advocates
Our team harnessed its expertise in integrated communications, youth and family marketing, influencer relations, media relations, online editorial outreach, and grassroots marketing to swiftly and efficiently elevate the Neighborhood Safety Network and drive recruitment.
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